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Mackenzie Welding 2013 Ltd
Mackenzie Welding 2013 Ltd
Mackenzie Welding 2013 Ltd

Welcome To Mackenzie Welding 2013 Ltd!

Mackenzie Welding has completed many major projects in the 26 years it has been in operation, the largest a 180m x 90 metre steel structure, part of its contract to supply, fabricate and erect all the steel structures on Juken Nissho’s Northland Mill site.

Having two mobile cranes one 12 tonne and the other 25 tonne, has proved invaluable to the business, and ensures Mackenzie Welding continues to make its mark on the industry including the building of other landmark structures such as buildings at Juken Nissho's Tri board mills, the Farmers Building in Commerce Street, Kaitaia Motorcycles,Kaitaia Tractors, Bells Produce Mitre 10 building, Aniniwaniwa Gymnasium, and more recently the new Main freight depot in Kaitaia The company fabricates truck decks and trailers throughout Northland, but it also has a strong customer base in Auckland, with its alloy ute decks even making their way as far south as Christchurch.

The team has also built numerous alloy boats, including their largest project, an 18m x 6m mussel barge.

But the mainstay of the business over the years has been the heavy transport and forestry industries and, due to demand from truck operators, the company now stocks an extensive range of truck parts and accessories.

The workshop range has also expanded to include a selection of Caltex oils, The company is also the local agent for Air Liquide gas supply and stocks an extensive range of consumabies, Steel stock, aluminium and stainless steel.